Music & Vocal

Providing a Comprehensive and Fun Music Program for Students of All Ages

The Oakville Academy for the Arts goal is to provide a comprehensive and fun Music Program for students of all ages. While instilling the benefits of formal theory and technique training, the Academy strives to ensure that all students enjoy their sessions. The Academy offers a variety of stylized classes (Royal Conservatory, Jazz, Pop, etc.) while promoting performance and group work to share all newly learned talents. Music training can be a very solitary activity particularly for today’s children and know from experience that children relish the opportunity to participate with other young musicians as often as possible. Whether you wish to work to a certain personal goal or to University entrance, the Oakville Academy for the Arts has the professional Teaching Faculty to ensure your success. Please contact us for class times and availability.



All ages are welcome! Students receive individualized attention and a personalized curriculum tailored to their needs and interests. Our Teachers come with a plethora of experience and enthusiasm. All of our Teachers provide a wide variety of musical styles and offer Royal Conservatory exam preparation.



All students will be invited to several open classes throughout the year where they will be given the chance to work in ensembles with our instructors and experiment with different genres of music. These classes will be held on Sunday Afternoons averaging two a term and are optional and very inexpensive. We encourage all students to participate in this fun and educational process where they will discover their part in the “musical puzzle” and develop their performance skills.